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Monster masters get ready for epic battles in Tetramon Monster Battles TCG MOD APK.Collect your favorite monster cards, upgrade and enhance them for destructive power and conquer every opponent online in 1v1 battles.

App summary

Tetramon Monster Battles TCG
Sia Ding Shen
Android 4.0
MOD Features

Introduction to Tetramon Monster Battles TCG

Tetramon Monster Battles TCG is a strategy card game from publisher Sia Ding Shen.It is inspired by the legendary movie POKEMON to build the story of monster trainers’ journey to conquer the card wars.Accordingly, the game will have real-time online battles for gamers to compete against each other on the leaderboard.The gameplay of the game emphasizes the strategic element, specifically in the way of choosing cards.Gamers will have to progress over time to conquer difficult achievement milestones.Along with that are unique rewards including rare character cards and money to upgrade.

Tetramon Monster Battles TCG MOD

Tetramon Monster Battles TCG – Typical Strategic Monster Battle

Tetramon Monster Battles TCG currently only has an early access version, but you can download the game at iGameHot.Net with the APK or MOD version.But before downloading, you should join me to discover more about it now.

Collect cards and fight

Coming to Tetramon Monster Battles TCG, gamers will become monster trainers.Their mission is to collect Tetramon monster cards and arrange them in your squad.A squad will include 8 monsters corresponding to 8 different cards.Which card to choose depends on the player’s strategy, as long as wins.But it should be noted, when choosing cards, gamers must consider the characteristics of each monster, which are skills, strength, advantages, and disadvantages.Next is to consider the combination of monsters together.A perfect formation is one that ensures both attack and defense.It is not weak anywhere, but it must have certain strengths.When everything is ready, gamers can immediately engage in 1v1 battles with random online opponents.Your opponent also possesses a squad of 8 powerful monsters with unpredictable power.Each side will have its own turn to fight and the battle will end when one side loses all HP.But the battle will take place automatically, gamers just need to watch without doing anything.So the strategy needs to be defined from the start in how you choose monster cards.If you go into battle, there’s nothing you can do to change the situation.

Unique tag system

Speaking of cards, Tetramon Monster Battles TCG will surprise you with hundreds of monster cards.All are available at the store with their own stats showing strength.You can use money to unlock monster cards and put them in the squad.Cards also have many levels, from common to rare.You can use real money to own rare cards or unlock special reward chests after completing missions.In particular, the monsters have a great upgrade ability, changing both appearance and strength.Gamers will need to upgrade regularly to gain enough points and see the transformation of their favorite monster.The higher the level, the cooler the monster’s appearance and the greater the strength.You’ll need to get there to conquer increasingly difficult challenges with stronger opponents.

Fighting competitive battlefield

Although it is an idle game, Tetramon Monster Battles TCG still possesses a diverse battlefield context system.It can take place in a large arena with thousands of spectators or by the beach.Each context brings a different feeling, helping gamers have a lot of fun while playing.The place to enjoy the most intense online battles with sound effects and vivid colors.So it’s good for your win.Try to score more points with victory and promotion.The higher the rank, the greater the challenge and double the fun.

Tetramon Monster Battles TCG MOD APK

Beautiful graphics but not too impressive

Tetramon Monster Battles TCG owns a good quality graphics platform with colorful backgrounds, friendly and detailed design.Images of characters and cards are described quite realistically.The combat effects are amazing, making every match more exciting than ever.However, overall, it still has not reached a certain completeness.The images have not been carefully polished, lacking the necessary creativity and vividness.In particular, the cutscenes describing the character’s skills seem to be lost in this game.It made the monster’s skills seem dull.That is an important minus point of the game.

Tetramon Monster Battles TCG MOD APK Version

MOD Features

  • Immortal
  • Unlimited money

Download Tetramon Monster Battles TCG MOD APK for Android

Tetramon Monster Battles TCG MOD APK is the place to show off your strategic skills.Collect unique monster cards and line them up in 8-position formations, then get ready for any online battle.Hundreds of cards with distinct characteristics are fun to explore.And the real-time battles also do not disappoint you with intense and attractive competition.So don’t miss, you can play the game right now.

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