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Slay the Spire APK is a card game combined with role-playing published by Humble Games. At iGameHot, you can download free games to your device to experience.

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Slay the Spire
Humble Games
24 Mb
Android 5.1

Introduction to Slay the Spire

You may not know, Slay the Spire first appeared in 2017 on Console and PC platforms and quickly received a lot of love from players.Partly because it was a pioneer in combining Deck-builder and RPG-Roguelike elements at the time.Realizing the strong development potential, publisher Humble Games decided to adapt Slay the Spire through the mobile version.But why Humble Games and not any other publisher? Simply because they have many years of experience in developing card games on the mobile platform, this is a really smart combination.Currently, Slay the Spire is being sold for $9 USD on Google Play.However, you can download it for free via the APK version that iGameHot provides below.

Familiar card game

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In Slay the Spire, players will discover exciting battles through traditional card gameplay.First, you need to collect the cards of the heroes because they are the main tool in each battle.Basically, the cards in this game have the effect of supporting heroes in battles, not helping you create new heroes.More specifically, they can increase defense, buff health for teammates or attack the target.Each card represents a different action, so the player needs to combine them properly to be able to defeat the opponent.In general, the battles in this game will take place at a fairly fast pace.This means that you will have to constantly change your attack strategy if you do not want to be caught by your opponent.

Prepare the right tags

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Slay the Spire is developed according to the traditional card game genre, so the preparation of the cards is very important.Basically, players will have to choose the cards with the highest number of cards in their collection to deal with the enemy.But in some cases, you should choose matching cards.Because the strongest cards will not necessarily complement each other.Slay the Spire allows the player to choose from 10 cards at a time during each battle.So think carefully before making your own decision.If you lose, don’t be too sad and disappointed.Remember your opponent’s play to build new cards that are more suitable in the next match.

Spire Tower

Similar to the name, there are many towers named Spire appearing in this game and it is also a target for players to explore.Players need to try to win the battles they participate in to continue the journey to explore this tower.At the end of each tower, the player will face powerful bosses, this is the deciding factor if you can move to the next Spire tower or not.Moreover, Slay the Spire allows players to freely choose the route to explore the Spire tower from simple to complex.If you choose a difficult path, you will get more rewards than usual and vice versa.In addition, whenever you start your journey, the tower will be changed with many different layouts so that players always feel interesting when playing the game.

Own new character

Initially, the player is only provided with a character with a not-so-beautiful appearance and begins the discovery process immediately.After completing the next level, you will receive a certain amount of money to own a new character.These characters will act as your representatives in each battle.Of course, it doesn’t affect strength or tactics, only visual changes.However, owning a new character will make you not bored when experiencing the game for a long time.

Stable graphics quality

Visually, Slay the Spire doesn’t really stand out from other games of the same genre, but it can still make you feel satisfied with what it brings.This game still retains the simplicity in design style.Therefore, players can feel the excitement through pre-built images of extremely funny characters.In general, with the possession of a not-so-high graphics format, Slay the Spire will certainly run smoothly and stably on low-profile devices.

Slay the Spire MOD APK Version

MOD Features

Currently iGameHot does not have a MOD version of Slay the Spire.Please wait a little longer.


Slay the Spire just launched not long ago but has quickly received the love of players in the present time.This game promises to bring you to the familiar but also very new gameplay, along with an extremely intuitive visual system that will definitely not disappoint you.In addition, Slay the Spire also possesses a relatively compact capacity and improved graphics quality.

Download Slay the Spire APK for Android

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