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Download ROME: Total War Hack Full Money, Money – If you are passionate about the strategy game genre, it is certainly no stranger to the name ROME: Total War.The game is designed specifically for phones by The Creative Assembly first released in 2005. The game is divided into many different parts in which ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion focuses on the decline of this empire.Let’s find out interesting information related to this game in the article below.

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Introduction of ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion

ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion compared to other strategy games on the market offers many outstanding advantages.It is not natural that the game has such a strong attraction to the gaming community.From gameplay, context to features… All are made very carefully, meticulously and thoughtfully to every detail.Publisher The Creative Assembly has cleverly installed many interesting challenges in this game.The game revolves around many special events of the Roman empire with the construction of the country, against the invasion of the enemy.Not every good fight can become a winner, you need to be wise and set up the most suitable tactical path.

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ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion possesses many outstanding features of a Total War game on PC.You have both the task of managing the empire, and fighting in turn-based in real time.Every element, every detail is done perfectly, carefully and meticulously.Each faction in the game has different strengths and weaknesses.For example, the Xiongnu impressed with their cavalry, while the Saxons possessed powerful infantry.You recruit soldiers, scout the enemy and conduct diplomacy to achieve treaties.However, the treaties in the game are not easy to implement, only the battlefield is the place to resolve all conflicts.As a general, you need to assess the nature of the battle, arrange and order the soldiers to fight and defend the territory.Take advantage of the advantages of the cavalry such as the ability to fight at night, the ability to swim across the river …

Religious elements

In ROME: Total War, there are 3 major religions: Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Paganism.They always have contradictions, conflicts, always fighting to become the ruler.In the Roman Empire, spirituality and religion were two extremely important factors for people.When the people rebel, you may lose a city or take advantage of the opportunity to suppress the uprising of a faction.Let’s build welfare works, pay taxes fully to stabilize people’s hearts.People will be extremely happy and excited when you build a church in accordance with religion.

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Faction System

What makes ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion much more appreciated than other strategy games on the market is the extremely diverse faction system.For example, the Hunnic faction, the nomad, the barbarian faction…

Hunnic faction

The Hunnic faction possessed the outstanding strength of the cavalry.This people have the best war horses, skilled archers but limited infantry.Therefore, when the match, you should consider choosing accordingly.

Nomad faction

The second faction is the nomad.Compared to the Hunnic faction, the nomads are divided into more categories.Such as:

  • Goths: These are people of Romanian origin.They migrated to neighboring regions to develop.Goths possesses a skilled cavalry team, and the bow infantry has quite perfect strength.
  • Vandals: These are the people who settled in Northwestern Africa of Rome.Support soldiers and cavalry were the main force of the Vandals.This people is capable of training priests and accepting Christianity.
  • Slavs: Slavs are very similar to Vandals.
  • Sarmatians: This is a tribe in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.Sarmatians are famous for their female warriors and elite cavalry.
  • Roxolani: This faction possesses characteristics similar to the Sarmatians.
  • Ostrogoths: Ostrogoths possess an army that closely resembles the Goths.


The barbarian faction includes troops such as Saxons, Alemanni, Celts, Franks… Features are as follows:

  • Saxons: This army has no religion, the infantry is quite strong.
  • Alemanni: Alemanni possesses very strong, crazy and quite aggressive infantry.
  • Franks: Frank builds temples for Odin and Thor.This army possesses durable infantry and many excellent throwers.
  • Lombardi: This army’s infantry is capable of forming groups to fight.
  • Celts: Celts have infantry and chariots as the 2 most powerful combat units.
  • Burgundii: Burgundii also possesses infantry and is in the same combat unit as Alemanni.

Roman side

The Roman faction is the next faction that cannot be ignored in this article.This faction included the Western Roman Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire, the Eastern Roman Rebels, the Western Roman Rebels, the Carthaginian and Romano-British factions.Although not possessing great power like the nomad or barbarian faction, if you know how to use the right skills, you still have a chance to win with this army.

The Carthaginians and the Orient

Carthaginian is a faction that possesses an extremely flexible and agile movement.In particular, the Berbers own light armored units, suitable for combat in the desert.In addition, the Eastern faction with the Sassanids were very proficient in the use of war elephants.If you know how to take advantage of the right advantages and limit the disadvantages of each type of army, your chances of winning are very high.

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Hacking Features

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ROME: Total War Hack is an attractive strategy game, possessing flexible gameplay, recreating the epic historical scene.If you are passionate about strategy games, this game is definitely not to be missed.When completing the challenges, players will receive more valuable gifts.It can be upgraded items, the opportunity to own more new lands or bonus points, gold coins… However, be careful because the enemy can attack you at any time.

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