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Download App Live Lu3App (Tiktik 18+) for Android for free.Instructions on how to download and install the Lu3.App livestream application with 100% success.

App summary

27 Mb
Android 4.0

Introducing Lu3App

lu3app apk

Lu3app (豆奶短视频) is a Chinese online 18+ video application with advanced features similar to TikTok such as saving videos, live viewing, endingfriends and give gifts to idols.The application has a large video store and is regularly updated.Chinese celebrities post 18+ video clips along with loads of hot adult movies on Lu3app.Moreover, these videos are created as short videos, which you can download and watch right on your phone.With an interface and logo similar to TikTok.However, the very fresh content has attracted a large number of young people, including Vietnam.Dubbed Tiktok 18+ Lu3app (豆奶 短 视频) new entertainment paradise.

download lu3app - app live 18+

Features of Tiktok 18+ Lu3ap

  • It is easy to watch interesting 18+ movies online, allowing you to follow the livestreams anytime, anywhere and operate easily.
  • Gives you a feeling of satisfaction, allowing you to watch the latest videos more easily and quickly.
  • Watch online videos for free, easy to use.
  • Here’s everything you need for movies and videos, making it easier for multiple users to use.
  • Provides you with convenient and easy services.

Instructions to install Lu3App on Android

  • Download the Lu3App APK below the article.
  • Install APK file.
  • Open App Livestream 18+ Lu3app and experience.

How to download Lu3App on iPhone iOS

How to download Lu3App on iPhone is very simple.You just need to visit the homepage then click 立即下载 -> Download TestFlight -> Now the interface changes to Appstoreeand you just need to install TestFlight.Next, go back to the browser and click 下载地址1 to download Lu3app ios -> select Start Testing.Finally, open the app and install Lu3app.You can watch the video tutorial below to know how to download Lu3App 18+ on iOS.


Lu3app is the best live 18+ app available today.You can watch all kinds of fascinating content at any time.Find and watch 18+ videos of idols, enjoy entertainment right on your phone.So refreshing, so enjoyable!

Download Lu3app APK for Android

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