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Loop Viking MOD APK is a roguelike game combined with an attractive idle element that promises to bring you unique experiences. When participating in the game, you will have the opportunity to explore different worlds of the mythical Scandinavian land.In this article, I will help you better understand the outstanding features of this game.

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Loop Viking
Shiba Interactive Games
Android 4.0
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Introduction to Loop Viking

It’s not hard for you to recognize the roguelike mechanics the first time you experience Loop Viking on your device.Basically, the player will become a real Viking to defeat all the enemies that appear and continue his own adventure.Here, you will meet different creatures and they are ready to defeat your character at any time.Therefore, players will have to constantly upgrade their heroes to become stronger in each battle.

Loop Viking MOD

Loop Viking – Become a real Viking warrior and destroy all enemies

It can be seen that publisher Shiba Interactive Games has done quite well its product this time with a lot of interesting features available.Loop Viking is a fairly new game so you can only find it on Google Play for the time being.If you are using an iOS device, try to wait a little longer to be able to play the game.

A never ending adventure

As mentioned, Loop Viking is a lifelike game so players can explore endless adventures as they play.The only task that you care about in the game is to make sure the main character is safe in all situations.Sometimes you need to fight monsters in your journey to get rid of them.It could be wild cockroaches, imaginary creatures, or even dead characters.After each battle, you will use the loot you earn to develop your warrior to become better.How?It is to upgrade strength, master skills and elements correctly.Overall, there are many ways to develop Viking warrior in this game.

Learn combat skills

Combat skills are one of the most important factors that you need to pay attention to in Loop Viking.Therefore, it is essential to unlock new skills to master different situations.Your character can use many different attack plans to defeat the enemy in this game.Typically weapons, spells, hammers, axes, fire, or can also poison them with skills from the main character.Collecting different cards throughout the adventure will also help increase the character’s stats.Before each battle, players can choose the most suitable cards to increase their advantage when fighting the enemy.Unleash your creativity with a wide selection of cards, I believe that choosing a random card in each match will help you defeat your enemies faster.

Meet Legendary Creatures

Loop Viking is an RPG game that allows the player to freely explore the open world.So you can fight whoever you want.Battles in the game will take place between you and the system in PvE mode.This means that the journey in the game is only you and cannot connect with other players in the world.However, the legendary creature system in the game is enough for you to forget the feeling of boredom.Occasionally powerful Bosses will appear on the way, defeat them to collect valuable loot.

LoopViking MOD APK

Build your own Viking village

Like other idle games, Loop Viking allows players to earn money even without logging into the game.However, you need to gather the necessary resources to expand your village.The village will act as a source of passive income for you during the journey.It will bring a constant source of money, although not too much, but still enough for you to use in necessary cases.If you are a busy person, you just need to build the village, sometimes log in to the game to make other upgrades.Loop Viking brings a magical world with the appearance of many different species of creatures.Moreover, this game also owns a beautiful 2D graphics format with smooth transition effects.Thanks to that, players can easily enjoy the beauty of the open world in the game through the brightest and most eye-catching graphics quality.Although Loop Viking’s graphic quality is not comparable to similar products on the market, I can guarantee that it is good enough to make you satisfied.

Loop Viking MOD APK Version

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money

Download Loop Viking MOD APK for Android

Join Loop Viking MOD APK now to fulfill your dream of becoming a powerful Viking warrior.This game does not bring too many difficult challenges, you just need to play the game according to your preferences to pass the entire level.The appearance of the MOD version on its website will make it easier for you to win.Do not ignore if you want to shorten the game screen and become stronger in this game.

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