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Knives Crash Hack (Unlimited Money) is an entertaining game with a light but not boring gameplay.Here you will have the right to use knives to defend yourself and attack enemies when necessary.The game is mind-bending, requiring the ingenuity and care of gamers.Let’s learn about Knives Crash in the article below.

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Knives Crash
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Android 4.0
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About Knives Crash

Knives Crash is not an action game with monsters, a “pit” equipment system, with strong power, but highly addictive.Game released by RICE BALL, under the Casual genre, exclusively for the phone lines on the market.The player’s task is to control the weapon and destroy the enemy.The last survivor is the winner.

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Knives Crash is a minimalist game version when all images are focused around the character.The configuration of the game is quite light, supports both Android and iOS platforms with a few very simple steps.If you do not download the game, you can experience Knives Crash via facebook.

Gameplay is simple but fun

Knives Crash is a unique arena where players can meet and compete.You need to defeat all opponents on the ring and get accumulated points.The higher the accumulated points, the higher your rank will be.The gameplay of Knives Crash is quite simple.Every time the fight takes place, there will be from 6 to 8 people participating.Each person will control the character and destroy the attacking strangers.Around the character is a circle with many knives around acting as weapons.The weapon moves continuously without being fixed, dealing great damage to the enemy, in order to weaken and completely destroy the enemy.

Knives Crash Hack APK Highlights

Knives Crash is a simple entertainment game, but the features it brings are equally attractive.When you join, you will experience some of the following features.

Tactics are important

In Knives Crash, to be able to eliminate the opponent, the first thing you need to do is remove the protective outer layer of weapons.The more knives someone has, the more advantage that person will gain.However, if a player’s weapon carries great damage and possesses many outstanding features, it is still capable of defeating opponents with many knives but the features are not equal.To become the last survivor, you need to have a clear strategy.Right at the beginning, do not directly confront other gamers, the risk will be very high.Instead, go collect knives and weapons along the way or get close to where other players are fighting.Whoever loses, that person’s knives will be thrown out, pick them up immediately to increase their weapons, strengthen their defenses and increase their damage.

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Unlock many new knives

Knives Crash takes the theme of knives as combat weapons.Initially you will be provided with a dagger, but because this type of knife is quite small, the damage done is not optimal.Players need to get bigger knives to level up quickly.When you meet a strong enemy that you only have a dagger, of course you will not be able to win.Some types of knives are considered quite strong in Knives Crash, including Gladius, S Machete, Dragon Scale or The Sword in the Stone.Some other knives have impressive designs or increase in number at the start of battle… These knives are unlocked when the player reaches a certain level.Or you can buy more knives but the amount you have to pay is not small.One way to earn more gold is by watching in-game support ads.However, this feature makes many players uncomfortable and annoyed.

Collection of Heroes

Heroes are an indispensable element when participating in the game Knives Crash.Weapons are lethal, and heroes show their superior combat ability.And of course, no two heroes are alike.The game has up to 27 types of heroes such as Thor, Little Devil, Dracula or Steel Tony …Heroes are like weapons, if the weapon increases its damage, the hero will increase its mobility or increase its respawn.To own the outstanding features, players need to log in the game 2 days in a row or beat 666 other players, watch ads…

Knives Crash Hack APK Version

Hacking Features

  • Unlimited money

Knives Crash Hack is a simple knife fighting game but possesses flexible gameplay, interesting challenges, not easy to overcome.In particular, the game has the participation of talented players around the world, so the competition is even higher.As long as you are careless, you will be quickly destroyed by other enemies.Collect as many knives as you can to improve your defense and increase your rank after teamfights.

Download Knives Crash Hack APK for Android

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