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Do you want to try your hand at a unique strategy game?Come to Buriedbornes MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – This is a game from Japan with typical tactical gameplay, a combination of role-playing and action elements.Shadow battles have just begun, are you brave enough to take on the challenge?

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Introduction to Buriedbornes

Buriedbornes Apk

After a series of games released on Google Play were not very successful, publisher ohNussy probably did not leave much impression in the hearts of fans.However, now they are back with their latest RPG, Buriedbornes.This game is expected a lot because of its unique gameplay and careful investment in both graphics and sound.Buriedbornes has now received over 500,000 installs and scored 4.6 out of 5 reviews from nearly 50,000 users globally.These are the achievements that oh Nussy wishes to mark their new development in the mobile game market.So what’s so special about this game? Now let’s find out.

Be a hero to bring peace

Let’s start with the unique storyline of Buriedbornes.After thousands of years of being buried in the grave, the ancient Overlord suddenly resurrected and spread fear across the kingdoms.In order to have time to prepare for wars with this dark force, the kingdoms had to sign a peace treaty.However, the Overlord was reborn and brought in a new power, many times greater than before.It brought in a mighty army known as the Buriedbornes, who could destroy any common warrior from the royal army.So the world is slowly sinking into darkness and despair.Only true warriors can resist this.And you are one of them.Can you bring back the same peace and happiness as before?

Immerse yourself in a warrior

buriedbornes mod apk

In the game Buriedbornes, players will become a warrior and fight with the army of Buriedbornes to win and bring peace to mankind.First, choose a name, profession and choose some equipment, then start the battle.Basically, matches will take place in the form of turn-based combat.Players have their items, and when it’s their turn, they choose one of them to either attack an enemy or heal themselves.New levels will open up one after another and wars will start and end according to its rules.However, at each stage, you will find that the challenges are very new.

Fights and puzzles

The matches will take place in different rooms and the player cannot know the enemy’s identity in advance.If it’s Buriedbornes, the player needs to use weapons and fight them.Until one of them dies, the game is over.Buriedbornes are strong opponents and obstacles that you must overcome.However, if you can defeat them, valuable items from their corpses can help you.It can be a weapon, an item or a message.Also, if you find an event or something when entering the room, the player has to make a decision for the puzzles.Every decision will lead to different results, and only by trying this will you know what it is.Whether it’s combat or decision making, players need a bit of strategy to get through.To have a reasonable strategy, you have to learn and play for a long time.Experience is what makes it all in this game.

Unique graphics

Immediately after opening the game Buriedbornes, you will be attracted by the extremely impressive and new graphics platform.The background in the game is completely dark, only brightly colored characters and text appear on the background.This makes the important image stand out in the eyes of the player.Moreover, it also contributes to expressing the spirit of the plot.Powerful warriors are rising from the shadows to fight and are not afraid to make sacrifices for a noble cause.You can easily feel this.

Buriedbornes MOD APK Version

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money.
  • Infinite items.


  • Vietnamize 90%.
  • Unlimited money.


This is your time to prove your skills and tactics to conquer the difficult challenges of Buriedbornes.Monsters and the undead are rising to plunge the world into darkness.Can you beat them all to become the great warrior?Using your weapons and combining spells is what you need to do.Don’t just fight, enjoy adventure time through the dark world of Buriedbornes.

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