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Driving Zone: Russia
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About Driving Zone: Russia

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Driving Zone: Russia is the next game in the popular Driving Zone game series of publisher AveCreation.In this game, you will be driving luxury cars from the beautiful country of Russia.Basically, Driving Zone: Russia helps players better understand what drivers usually do.So, if you have no driving experience, try to play Driving Zone: Russia right now.I firmly believe that this game will not disappoint you from the first experience.


Driving Zone: Russia does not provide players with any mission system.You just have to choose for yourself one of the cars made in Russia, then start the engine and move along the pre-built highways.The roads in the game have a unique character.So players will have to adjust their speed as well as maintain high concentration to ensure safety when driving.

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Example: The highways in the city will have a lot of cars.This will make it difficult for you to control the vehicle at will.But in return, it will bring more points.Besides, players can also choose online game modes to drive with friends or other players around the world.Of course, this mode requires your phone to have internet.

How to control?

Driving Zone: Russia’s controls are quite simple.Virtual buttons on the screen allow players to easily control the car to move at their will.Typically, touching two virtual buttons integrated on the right of the screen to help the vehicle accelerate or decelerate in certain situations.In general, the way it works in this game is relatively similar to products of the same genre on the market.So you will not have too many difficulties in the first experience.

Visual observation

In addition to easy-to-understand controls, Driving Zone: Russia also offers two different perspectives that allow players to easily observe everything on the way.First, you can try looking at it from an overhead angle, this will provide a sweeping view of the surrounding area.Therefore, the player can see all the cars or obstacles that appear on the road to dodge quickly.

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Besides, you can try the feeling of becoming a real driver from the perspective of the car.This will make the view narrower, but in return, the player will see his car from the inside and everything becomes much more realistic.In general, both of these views have distinct points, so you need to choose appropriately.

The terrain is constantly changing

In Driving Zone: Russia, players not only enjoy everything on the highway in the city, but also can choose from many other types of terrain to experience.For example: You can choose a suburban road with hills, a peaceful style and not too much traffic.Or choose more challenging terrain such as hot dry desert, icy road, to test your driving ability.

Own a car made in Russia

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As the name suggests, the cars in Driving Zone: Russia are made entirely in Russia and possess outstanding features.All the cars in this game are thoroughly researched, especially the real appearance and interior to give players the most enjoyable experience.In addition, each car in the game has a completely different engine sound.This is also the factor that makes them special compared to other models on the market today.

Graphic Quality

Graphics of Driving Zone: Russia really deserves a 10 point in quality when everything is simulated in a very detailed and complete way.From the detailed scenery to the cars in the game are designed extremely detailed and meticulous in each game screen promises to not make you feel disappointed with what they bring.In addition, the transition effect in the game is also smooth and stable on many mobile devices today.

Driving Zone: Russia MOD APK Version

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money: Money in the game will increase as you use it.
  • Free in-store purchases.


Although the gameplay has not changed too much compared to other products in the Driving Zone series, but Driving Zone: Russia will still give you a difference that you need to experience.This game has many highlights, from gameplay to image quality, that will surely delight players.If you love the traditional driving simulation game genre, Driving Zone: Russia will be a good choice.

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