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Auto Defense MOD APK is a tower defense game with extremely interesting cannon elements from the publisher Gameloft SE.Now available for early access on reputable game download sites like Google Play or App Store.First, let’s take a quick look at this game.

App summary

Auto Defense – Epic Real Castle Battler
Gameloft SE
145 mB
Android 4.0
MOD Features
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Introduction to Auto Defense

Auto Defense MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocks All Worlds) – A strategy game with a unique defense element.

auto defense apk

Tactical defense games always receive a lot of attention from players.They bring excitement to players and also make you highly alert when playing the game if you don’t want to lose.Auto Defense is one of the most attractive tower defense games available today.It can be compared with super products like Kingdom Rush or Myth Defense.You will enjoy the very different levels of the game through new improvements, promising to bring a great quality experience to the players.

Familiar invasion scene

Most of the games on the market today have a “good always triumphs over evil” setting and Auto Defense will not change.You will have to try to protect the base from alien attack.The details in the game have reduced the fierce element, instead of the humor in the design.This will definitely make this game more suitable for multiplayer.The Earth is becoming more prosperous than ever thanks to its inexhaustible resources.People are satisfied with what they have and have never intended to invade other lands.Before the growth of the earth, the aliens became jealous and assembled a powerful army ready to invade the earth.Do everything you can to protect the peace of the earth, especially the castle in each war.

Defense the base

autodefense mod apk

Auto Defense has a traditional tactical style.Therefore, you will have to try to protect your base from attacks from enemies.The first levels will be relatively simple to help players access the game’s operations quickly.The difficulty will be increased in the next challenges, if you don’t make the right decisions, you will fail quite easily.Attacks from enemies will take place on many different types of terrain.As a result, players can take advantage of this to be able to arrange their troops in the most accurate way to win in each game screen.The fortress in the game will help you destroy the opponent in a split second.Upgrade them to maximize your firepower and overcome challenges with ease.In addition, Auto Defense also provides a relatively diverse army system.You can upgrade buildings and create powerful armies to stop the advance of the enemy.This is not often found in games of the usual goalkeeper genre, helping you feel the excitement during the game experience.

Merging the Cannons

Besides using cannons by placing them in suitable positions to attack enemies, players can also merge cannons.Auto Defense allows players to merge similar cannons to create synergy.Each cannon in the game has different power and range.So they will support each other in many situations for players to quickly master the battle.In general, in this game there are many different ways to play, allowing players to create their own way of playing.

Help needed

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You must do everything in Auto Defense to prevent attacks from enemies.With a rich skill system, they will help players turn the situation quickly.You need to use these skills appropriately to make the most of them.Players just need to touch the icons of the skills integrated on the left corner of the screen.Then swipe to the specified position for easy use.Note, you will have to wait a short time to be able to use them again.

Beautiful graphics

The details in Auto Defense are quite beautiful, bringing extremely fierce and attractive battles.With extremely smooth transition effects along with sharp quality will definitely make players feel satisfied from the first experience.Besides, each cannon in the game is designed with different colors and shapes.This will create a harmonious and synchronized whole in the entire game.In addition, Auto Defense also owns an extremely lively sound system.Background music will appear throughout the process of enjoying the game along with the sounds emitted from the battle that will make you unable to take your eyes off the game screen.

Auto Defense MOD APK Version

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money.
  • Unlock all worlds.


Although newly released, Auto Defense MOD APK still receives a lot of support from players at the present time.By continuously bringing improvements through each update, the game will not be outdated compared to other products on the market.Thereby, overcoming the weaknesses and helping players get a great experience during the game.

Download Auto Defense MOD APK for Android

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